Live blogging from the International Conference of Movement Dysfunction

The International Conference of Movement Dysfunction took place in Edinburgh on the 30th October to the 1st November.  This scientific and clinically orientated conference is now an established international meeting for therapists involved in the assessment and management of movement dysfunction and the aim of this third conference was to present the current available scientific and clinical knowledge on neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction, with a focus on rehabilitation by applying research and science to clinical practice.

The conference was comprised of 21 Key note and guest speakers, 51 oral presentations, 40 posters and 650 delegates from 15 countries. Edinburgh gave a stunning backdrop for the conference and also a superb venue at the International Conference Centre. The lectures gave us all much to think about, the sponsored interactive sessions were busy and the parallel clinical seminars all had standing room only.  Tea and coffee was always a welcome break giving the opportunity to socialise and view the varied exhibition stands, the most popular being the bouncing kangaroo shoes!!

The programme linked all the components of movement function back together as part of an integrated assessment and management process including muscle, joint, brain (motor control and psycho-social, neural tissue). Specific topics included the diagnosis and management of faulty structures, mechanisms and processes of dysfunction and pain mechanisms. Evidence of dysfunction and effect of intervention was explored with up to date presentation from key researchers in the field.  Clinically the key message to come out of the conference was about sub-grouping of patients for targeted interventions, a great message for future developments in appropriate patient management and clinical research.

One innovative feature of the event was the Live Blog.  Each key note and guest lecture were summarised as they happened and immediately published on to the conference blog.  Each post has since had their respective presentation abstract added from the supplementary edition of Manual Therapy that came with the journal in October.  It is envisaged that this blog will provide a long standing legacy from the conference and also encourage discussion among the physiotherapy community around the topics that were presented.  The conference organisers are welcoming comments and questions relating to the posts by delegates and also from those that did not attend the event.  (This can be done by clicking on the title of the post you are interested in and then writing your comment or question at the bottom of the page).  It is hoped that in return the speakers will be watching and will be able to engage in discussion and answer your questions for you.

Interact with the keynote and guest presenters from the conference