Social Marketing and Public Health: theory and practice

Edited by Jeff French, Clive Blair-Stevens, Dominic McVey, and Rowena Merritt

Social marketing is the application of commercial marketing tools and principles to the design, implementation and evaluation of health and social behaviour change programmes. It focuses on target groups within the population, tailoring campaigns and awareness, with the aim of achieving specific behavioural goals relevant to the public good. It is increasingly recognised as a valuable tool within public health, where it can improve health and reduce health inequalities. It is particularly important for influencing voluntary lifestyle behaviours such as smoking, drug use, drinking and diet.

Social marketing and public health: theory and practice gives an international focus on social marketing. It covers both theory and practice, frames social marketing within its political and policy context, and takes an ecological view of health improvement. The book includes case examples to allow the reader to understand some of the benefits and challenges of this approach, and provides a step by step guide to developing, implementing and evaluating social marketing. It will appeal to a broad academic and practitioner readership, from both a medical and business background, including those working in public health, health promotion, public sector management, nursing, medicine, allied health, communications, and marketing.

  • Includes both theory and practice sections, to allow the reader to move from the theory to a step by step approach to implementation
  • Stand alone chapters are set out in logical sequence to allow the reader to either dip in and select relevant sections based on existing knowledge or work through book systematically
  • Includes a guide to other resources to provide the reader with additional material and support networks and examples
  • Practical examples illustrate how both theory and practice have been used in the real world
  • Practical tools and check lists assist the reader in translating theory into practice and provide practical tools to readers wanting to initiate a social marketing project
  • Clear learning objectives for each chapter assist the reader in selecting and planning learning
  • Review exercises for each chapter assists the reader in reviewing learning and revising

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