Welcome to the new look Physiospot!

Physiospot has been successfully bringing you the latest clinically relevant research for over three years now, so we thought it was about time to improve our service to you. In addition to bringing you the latest research in a new look site we will  be presenting you with featured articles, the latest news and up-coming jobs and courses.  In effect we will become an online physiotherapy magazine, we will be the first online physiotherapy magazine.  But more importantly, in line with our support of open educational resources, we will continue to be FREE to all!!

You can view the site at any time by just going to www.physiospot.com where all the latest additions to the site will be available to view on the home page.  From here the site will be fully searchable so that you can search for past articles of specific topics that interest you amongst the features, news and research.  Looking for a new job or specific course to satisfy your learning outcomes, you will be able to search for these as well.  Alternatively you can sign up for email alerts to be delivered to your inbox or RSS feeds to be sent to your feed aggregator.  To do this you should visit the subscribe page where you will be able to select specific clinical areas that interest you so that articles in these areas can be automatically delivered to you by your chosen method.

Featured Articles
Our featured articles are original articles that will be of interest to the physiotherapy community.  They will be written by physiotherapists and other invited professionals from the health care field.  The articles may consist of: evidence-based clinical information, extended news items directly related to physiotherapy and the development of the profession, interviews with physiotherapists such as leaders in the field or those working in interesting and alternative environments, and reviews from appropriate books and courses.

The news items that we write about will be health related and of relevance to the physiotherapy community.  They may involve something that we have seen in the media or something newsworthy from the physiotherapy world that has been brought to our attention.  It will be a great resource for staying in touch with current physiotherapy and health related affairs.

The research that we publish will continue to be specifically selected for it’s clinical relevance from over 50 published journals.  We will continue to write summaries of the research and direct you to where you can find this research on the web.  It is a convenient way to stay up to date with all the latest evidence that can be implemented in your daily practice.

Jobs and Courses
We will also start to unobtrusively advertise jobs and courses on the site to bring you the one-stop place for all your continuing education and professional development requirements.  These will be fully searchable and, unlike everything else, will only remain on the site until they expire.

As always, we welcome your feedback and now are also looking for people to provide us with featured articles and news snippets to write about.  We are also considering applications from interested physiotherapists from all over the world to become a regular author for Physiospot. We hope that you enjoy the new Physiospot and that it continues to provide you with the service that you expect from us, and more!