Sporting Hip & Groin – level 1

This NEW course will enable all physios to tackle the problem hip & groin patient, from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. It is essential for any therapist working in musculoskeletal therapy whether in the NHS, private practice or amatuer or professional sport.

Level 1 – Course Outline

  • Functional anatomy review
  • Joint biomechanics & movement patterns
  • Subjective & objective examinations
  • Adductor-related pathologies
  • Abdominal-related pathologies
  • Hip joint-related pathologies
  • Manual therapy techniques

Date: 10 Oct 2009;  Location: University of Essex, Colchester;  Tutor: James Moore and Mark Young

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Neck Pain

Out of all 291 conditions studied in the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study, neck pain ranked 4th highest in terms of disability and 21st in terms of overall burden.

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