The immediate effect of orthotic management on grip strength of patients with lateral epicondylosis.

Jafarian FS, Demneh ES, Tyson SF.

The ojective of this study was to determine the immediate effect of 3 common types of orthoses (2 elbow counterforce orthoses and a wrist splint) on grip strength in individuals with lateral epicondylosis. Fifty-two subjects with lateral epicondylosis were recruited, maximum and pain-free grip strength were assessed using a digital hand grip dynamometer immediately after the application of each orthosis. The 4 testing conditions included a placebo orthosis as a control condition, an elbow strap orthosis, an elbow sleeve orthosis, and a wrist splint.

The use of the 2 types of elbow orthoses (strap and sleeve) resulted in an immediate increase in pain-free grip strength. No differences between the 2 orthoses were found, suggesting that either can be used. A wrist splint produced no immediate change in pain-free or maximum grip-strength, indicating that it should not be used as a first-choice orthosis based on those outcome measures.

J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2009 Jun;39(6):484-9.

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