Classification of low back-related leg pain—A proposed patho-mechanism-based approach

Axel Schäfer, Toby Hall and Kathy Briffa

It is proposed in this article that low back-related leg pain be divided into four subgroups according to the predominating pathomechanisms involved. The first subgroup features central sensitization with mainly positive symptoms such as hyperalgesia, the second subgroup involves denervation with significant axonal damage showing predominantly negative sensory symptoms and possibly motor loss and the third subgroup involves peripheral nerve sensitization with enhanced nerve trunk mechanosensitization. The fourth subgroup features somatic referred pain from musculoskeletal structures, such as the intervertebral disc or facet joints.  Each group presents with a distinct pattern of symptoms and signs. Although there may be considerable overlap between the classifications, the authors propose the existence of an overriding mechanism. The importance of distinguishing low back-related leg pain into these four groups is to facilitate diagnosis and provide a more effective, appropriate treatment.

Manual Therapy, 2009, 14(2),  222-230

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