Physical activity in daily life 1 year after lung transplantation.

Langer D, Gosselink R, Pitta F, Burtin C, Verleden G, Dupont L, Decramer M, Troosters T.


This study set out to objectively measure daily physical activity in lung recipients in a cohort of 22 clinically stable patients with single or bilateral lung grafts. Results were compared with findings from 22 healthy, age- and gender-matched control subjects.


Steps, standing time and moderate-intensity activity of lung recipients were reduced by 42%, 29% and 66%, respectively, relative to controls. Daily sedentary time was increased by 30%. This study confirms that daily activity is substantially reduced after lung transplantation and related to measures of physical fitness and health-related quality of life. Future studies need to examine whether physical activity can be modified to improve functional recovery after lung transplantation.


Journal of Heart Lung transplant 2009; 28: 572 – 578


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