Increasing your profile and web presence with Physiopedia

It’s becoming more and more important to have a presence on the web.  Everyone’s doing it these days with blogs, YouTube, Twitter and many similar web based tools.  It can also be good for you professionally by allowing you to publicise your work and make contact with similar people throughout the globe that you would never have been able to seek out before.

Have you ever Googled your name?  Where did you appear?  Did you know that Physiopedia can help increase your web presence and may even move you up the Google rankings?

Once you have registered with Physiopedia you will automatically be given a profile page. You can write whatever you like on this profile page (within our advertising restrictions!) and can create a very professional web presence via this page.  Create an online CV and publicise your efforts by placing links to your work, publications, projects etc on your profile page.  You can direct people to this page to view your profile but also whenever you make edits in Physiopedia they will link back to this page.  Furthermore, if you are an original editor or lead editor on a Physiopedia page, you will be permanently credited on that page with a link back to your profile.

So keeping your profile page full of information and up-to-date can be great for your web presence and professional profile.