Welcome to the new Physiopedia Blog!

We thought it was about time to provide a place for people to read about developments and happenings at Physiopedia… so here it is, the new Physiopedia Blog.  Initially we have imported all the previous posts have been written about Physiopedia on Rachael’s blog but from now on we will report on what is currently going on at Physiopedia, such as:

  • Student projects
  • Conference attendances and presentations
  • New contributions of clinical information
  • New resources and professional tools
  • and many more exciting things….

We will also use the blog as a space to provide:

  • hints and tips to individuals using Physiopedia for education and professional development
  • advice for institutions using Physiopedia for group work as part of their students education
  • you may also find a copy of our regular newsletter and other press releases here

We hope that you find this blog useful and helpful in your experience with Physiopedia.  So, enjoy, happy editing and thank you for joining us in the creation of this global resource for our physiotherapy and physical therapy profession.