Effects of a 4-week exercise program on balance using elastic tubing as a perturbation force for individuals with a history of ankle sprains.

Han K, Ricard MD, Fellingham GW

The objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a 4-week elastic resistance exercise program on balance in subjects with and without a history of sprained ankles. Forty subjects (20 males, 20 females; 20 subjects with chronic ankle instability [CAI], 20 healthy) participated in the study. Ten subjects (5 males, 5 females) from each CAI and healthy group were randomly assigned to either the exercise or control group, resulting in a total of 4 groups. Total travel distance of the center of pressure, monitored using a force platform, was measured before training, after 4 weeks of training, and at a 4-week follow-up.  Balance significantly improved in subjects with and without a history of ankle sprains following 4 weeks of elastic resistance exercises. These improvements in balance were retained 4 weeks after training.

Balance was improved after 4 weeks of elastic resistance exercise in subjects with and without a history of lateral ankle sprains. Balance improvements persisted 4 weeks following the treatment cessation.

J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2009, 39(4), 246-55

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