Training and detraining effects on functional fitness after a multicomponent training in older women

Carvalho MJ, Marques E, Mota J

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of 8-month multicomponent training and 3-month detraining on the functional fitness of older women. Fifty-seven women were randomly assigned to an exercise or a control group. The training program consisted of 2 sessions per week of aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility exercises. The functional fitness test battery was performed to assess the physical parameters associated with independent functioning in older adults. No significant changes were observed in body mass index and cardiovascular endurance as a result of the exercise training. Training induced significant improvements in chair stand, arm curl, chair sit-and-reach, up-and-go and back scratch (14.5%) tests. However, both upper and lower body strength and upper and lower flexibility declined significantly after detraining in the exercise group.

The results of this study highlight the negative effects of interrupting exercise on several physical parameters of functional fitness.

Gerontology. 2008, 55(1), 41-8

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