Prognostic Usefulness of Dyspnea Versus Fatigue as Reason for Exercise Test Termination in Patients With Heart Failure

Chase P, Arena P, Myers J, Abella J, Paberdy MA, Guazzi M, Kenjale A, Bensimhon D.


This investigation examined differences in cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX) variables and prognosis according to reason for test termination. One hundred eighty-three patients with HF (left ventricular ejection fraction at rest 24.3 ± 9.9%) underwent CPX in which the minute ventilation/carbon dioxide production slope, peak oxygen consumption, and peak respiratory exchange ratio were determined. Subjects were tracked for cardiac-related events for 2 years after CPX.


Dyspnea and fatigue (general fatigue/leg fatigue) were the primary reasons for test termination in 79 and 104 patients, respectively. There were 41 cardiac-related events during the 2-year tracking period. Patients with dyspnea were at significantly higher risk of adverse events.


American Journal of Cardiology 2008; 102: 879 – 882


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