Home rehabilitation after hip fracture. A randomized controlled study on balance confidence, physical function and everyday activities.

Zidén L, Frändin K, Kreuter M

The objective of this study was to investigate whether home rehabilitation can improve balance confidence, physical function and daily activity level compared to conventional care in the early phase after hip fracture. A geriatric, multiprofessional home rehabilitation programme focused on supported discharge, independence in daily activities, and enhancing physical activity and confidence in performing daily activities was compared with conventional care in which no structured rehabilitation after discharge was included. Falls efficacy, degree of dependency and frequency in daily activities, habitual physical activity and basic functional performance were measured.

This study indicates that home rehabilitation, focused on supported discharge and enhancing self-efficacy, improves balance confidence, independence and physical activity in community-dwelling older adults in the early phase after hip fracture.

Clin Rehabil. 2008, 22(12), 1019-33

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