Active Range of Motion Predicts Upper Extremity Function 3 Months After Stroke.

Beebe JA, Lang CE

The purpose of this study was to examine if early measures of upper extremity active range of motion (AROM) could predict recovery of upper extremity function, and to describe the trajectory of upper extremity AROM recovery over time. Thirty-three subjects were tested at 1 month and then at 3 months after stroke. Upper extremity function was measured with 6 standardized clinical tests that were synthesized into a single, sensitive score for upper extremity function using principal component analysis.

Simple AROM measurements of the upper extremity taken within 1 month after stroke can be used to predict upper extremity function at 3 months. This information is important for determining the prognosis of upper extremity functional recovery.

Stroke, 2009 Mar 5, online article ahead of print

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