Newsletter #1

Welcome to Physiopedia

This is the first newsletter that will be received by our registered users of Physiopedia. We are still new and developing but thanks to the keen interest of the physio / physical therapy community we now have over 50 registered users of Physiopedia. As one of these users we hope that will use your editing rights and contribute to the content and development of Physiopedia. If we all just created one new page in our area of clinical interest, that would be over 50 new pages of valued content!

Getting started

If you are not quite sure where to start in Physiopedia, have a look at the ‘Getting Started’ user tutorial. We encourage you to start by editing your profile page so that your presence in Physiopedia is correct and up-to-date, following this you will feel more confident to go ahead and edit pages or create new pages. If you would like to contribute to topics or clinical areas that are not yet evident in Physiopedia, please contact us and we will set this up for you.

Increasing your profile as an editor

We are working on adding a reference on every page to the original editor and lead editors of that page. This means that if you create a new page of content or choose to be the lead editor of an existing page you will be permanently credited on that page with a link back to your profile. That’s why it’s important for your profile page to be up-to-date, and although we don’t allow unauthorised advertising in the main body of Physiopedia you are welcome to place links to your work, publications, projects etc on your profile page. Please let us know if you would like to be the lead editor on a page.

Educational projects in Physiopedia

If you are an educator we would like encourage you to consider using Physiopedia as a space where your students can complete individual work or class projects. By doing this not only will your students help to add valuable content to Physiopedia but they will also improve their scientific writing and referencing, critical appraisal, group working and web editing skills. Read our Educator Guide for more information or contact me directly by replying to this email to discuss this opportunity.

Your suggestions please

As a new and developing project we would very much welcome and encourage you, our editors, to make suggestions on how we could improve Physiopedia. Can we make it easier for you to contribute content in any way? Are there any other pages/facilities/functions that you would like us to add? Please let us know your thoughts and ideas. You can do this via the contact us page or reply to this email to contact me directly.

Happy editing