Physiopedia vs Medpedia

A new wiki for health care was launched this week called Medpedia, take a look, it’s incredibly impressive and comprehensive, and is likely to become the key reference for the public on medical matters.

You may be wondering why we need Physiopedia when Medpedia is available? Well these are my thoughts in this regard.  With Medpedia being driven by doctors it will not truly represent our profession. It is primarily focused on educating the general public with good quality information about conditions that affect them, also providing a place for professionals to publish their work and create a profile. Physiopedia also offers the opportunity for therapy professionals to publish their work and create a profile, however Physiopedia is also an educational resource aimed specifically at the physio/physical therapy profession. It will provide evidence based information for physiotherapists relating to common conditions, interventions and management options that we come across in our daily practice. With Physiopedia we aim to truly represent, promote, educate and develop the physio/physical therapy profession. So the emphasis of Physiopedia is on developing the profession which is significantly different to Medpedias’ emphasis on informing the public.

So, while Medpedia may be getting all the press right now, Physiopedia maintains its awesome potential to be a great resource for physiotherapists. But, just as the Medpedia sites grows as more contributions by authors are made, Physiopedia needs your content. Come on physios! If the medical community can do it, then so can we. Let’s show them just how valuable our profession is.

Join in the Physiopedia efforts and come collaborate with us!!