Does the use of orthoses improve self-reported pain and function measures in patients with plantar fasciitis? A meta-analysis

Sae Yong Lee, Patrick McKeon, Jay Hertel

The objective of this study was to perform a meta-analysis examining the effects of foot orthoses on self-reported pain and function in patients with plantar fasciitis.  Original research studies which met these criteria were included: (1) randomised controlled trials or prospective cohort designs, (2) the patients had to be suffering from plantar fasciitis at the time of recruitment, (3) evaluated the efficacy of foot orthoses with self-reported pain and/or function, (4) means, standard deviations, and sample size of each group had to be reported.

The authors conclude that the use of foot orthoses in patients with plantar fasciitis appears to be associated with reduced pain and increased function.

Physical Therapy in Sport, 2009, 10(1), 12-18

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