Sensorimotor Deficits Remain Despite Resolution of Symptoms Using Conservative Treatment in Patients With Tennis Elbow: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Bisset LM, Coppieters MW, Vicenzino B.

The objective of this syudy was to evaluate the time course of sensorimotor deficits in lateral epicondylalgia (LE; tennis elbow) and how these deficits may be influenced by common conservative treatments.  198 participants with LE were randomly assigned to physical therapy, corticosteroid injection, or a wait-and-see approach with ergonomic advice.  Upper-limb reaction time (simple, 1-choice and 2-choice reaction time) and speed of movement were assessed at baseline and 6 and 52 weeks of follow-up.

Sensorimotor deficits remain relatively unchanged over time and are present bilaterally in patients with unilateral LE. Treatment did not influence the time course of the sensorimotor deficits. This prompts conjecture as to the relationship and clinical relevance of sensorimotor deficits in LE.

Archives of Physical and medical Rehabilitation, 2009, 90(1), 1-8

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