Effectiveness of physiotherapy for adults with cerebellar dysfunction: a systematic review

CL Martin, D. Tan, P. Bragge, and A. Bialocerkowski

The objective of this study was to systematically review the literature investigating the effectiveness of physiotherapy in adults with cerebellar dysfunction and to document treatment strategies currently employed in the physiotherapy management of this patient population.  Studies were included if they used a quantitative research design to investigate the effect of physiotherapy on adults with diagnosed cerebellar dysfunction.  Nine studies were included in the review. The majority of the studies were case studies or case series. The median quality score was 8/16 (range 4—10). The studies were heterogeneous in terms of patient characteristics, interventions received and outcomes measured.

There is some evidence that supports the effectiveness of physiotherapy in adults with cerebellar dysfunction.  All studies reported positive effects of physiotherapy over a range of outcomes measured, in particular balance, gait and function.

Clinical Rehabilitation, 2009, 23(1), 15-26

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