Objective Evaluation of Fine Motor Manipulation-A New Clinical Tool.

Andersen Hammond ER, Shay BL, Szturm T

A new performance-based tool has been developed to accurately and precisely evaluate finger/hand function during manipulation of any object, independent of geometric and surface properties. The objectives of this study were to show test-retest reliability and evaluate criterion validity. Twenty healthy, right-handed participants were recruited.Two testing periods, one week apart were performed to evaluate test-retest reliability. Criterion validity was assessed by comparing performance with this tool to performance on commonly used clinical dexterity tests. Global performance, temporal accuracy, and amplitude consistency during manipulation of the objects were highly reliable on the two testing occasions.

The task protocol directly measures the ability of the hand to coordinate movement in response to a visual tracking target. Providing effective and objective ways to evaluate manual dexterity and hand function is a critical part of evidence-based practice.

Journal of Hand Therapy, 2008 Aug 29, online article

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