Functional Residual Capacity Changes After Different Endotracheal Suctioning Methods

Heinze H, Sedemund-Adib B, Heringlake M, Gosch UW, Eichler W

This study set out to investigate the effects of three different endotracheal suctioning procedures on functional residual capacity (FRC). In a crossover design study, twenty postoperative cardiac surgery patients received three different suctioning methods in randomized order: closed suctioning during pressure-controlled ventilation, closed suctioning during volume-controlled ventilation, and open suctioning. FRC was measured before and 20 min after the intervention.

The results showed that FRC is reduced in post cardiac surgery patients after suctioning, regardless of which method is used.

Anesthesia and Analgesia 2008; 107: 941 – 944

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