Contemporary Interventions in Neurological Rehabilitation at Sheffield Hallam University

This course investigates and critically evaluates interventions currently used or being researched in neurological rehabilitation. The module will enable a new approach to examining practice in neurology, starting with researched interventions and making implications from these into our day-to-day practice. This module will compliment the
approaches dominant in other neurological therapy modules and is highly  recommended as a “starter module” for experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists new to level 7 study.  Successful completion of this module will earn you 15 level 7 credits which may be put towards the MSc Advancing Physiotherapy.

The module will include
•upper limb rehabilitation interventions such as assistive splints, constraint induced movement therapy, sensory training and trunk restraint therapy
• robotics
• functional electric stimulation
• treadmill training and
• stretching and strengthening

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