MACP/PPA Collaborative Study Day 2007 – Online Now!

Macp_conference_screenshot_2 The Manipulation Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP) have released their first online course. It is an online version of the 2007 MACP/PPA collaborative study day and is very much an evidence-based programme where both manual therapy and pain based approaches to treatment were respected and represented. The online course includes audiovisual presentaions plus related learning activities using materials from the sessions that were presented at this study day and provides a course certificate on completion of the course.


Session 1 – The Evidence for Manual Therapy presented by Dries Hettinga
Session 2 -CBT: What is it and can physios do it? presented by Zara Hansen
Session 3 – Exercise: Making It Happen presented by Zara Hansen
Session 4 – The Physiology of Manual Therapy presented by Stephanie Griffiths.

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