The effect of a vastus lateralis tape on muscle activity during stair climbing.

McCarthy Persson U, Fleming HF, Caulfield B

The primary aim of this study was to assess the effects of an inhibitory muscle tape applied over the vastus lateralis (VL) muscle during stair climbing. Twenty five subjects without lower limb pathology were assessed during three conditions: no tape (untaped), (no tension) control tape and (tensioned tape) VL inhibitory taping application. There was a significant decrease in the VL IEMG during the initial stance phase during both stair ascent and descent. The inhibition if the VL muscle occurred with both control and VL inhibitory tape applied.

The results demonstrated that there was a significant decrease in the IEMG of the VL both during stair ascent and descent with VL inhibitory tape and control tape applied in normal subjects.

Manual Therapy, 2008 Jul 8, online article ahead of print

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