Factors with independent influence on the ‘timed up and go’ test in patients with hip fracture.

Kristensen MT, Foss NB, Kehlet H

The aims of the present study were to assess normative reference values of the timed up and go  (TUG) performances and determine the influence of individual and clinical factors on TUG-test scores in patients with hip fracture. 196 consecutive patients over the age of 60, and able to perform the TUG when discharged directly to their own homes from a specialized orthopaedic hip fracture unit, were evaluated.

The preliminary normative reference values of TUG performances in patients with hip fracture can be used as references, to which individuals can expect to perform. Multivariate testing suggests that clinicians should use age, pre-fracture function, fracture type and walking-aid specific data when interpreting the TUG test results. Physiotherapists should be aware of this if TUG scores are to be used predictively or as an outcome measure in patients with hip fracture, especially in research.

Physiother Research International, 2008 Jul 22, online article ahead of print

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