Comparison of a targeted and general massage protocol on strength, function, and symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome: a randomized pilot study.

Moraska A, Chandler C, Edmiston-Schaetzel A, Franklin G, Calenda EL, Enebo B

This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of two distinct massage therapy protocols on strength, function, and symptoms associated with CTS. 27 subjects with a clinical diagnosis of CTS were randomly assigned to receive 6 weeks of twice-weekly massage consisting of either a general (GM) or CTS-targeted (TM) massage treatment program. Both GM and TM treatments resulted in an improvement of subjective measures associated with CTS, but improvement in grip strength was only detected with the TM protocol.

Massage therapy may be a practical conservative intervention for compression neuropathies, such as CTS, although additional research is needed.

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine,2008, 14(3), 259-67

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