Clinical diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome: Old tests–new concepts

Yasser El Miedany, Samia Ashour, Sally Youssef, Annie Mehanna and Fatma A. Meky

The objective of this study is to examine the relationship between the clinical manifestations of CTS with the outcome of the diagnostic tools, and its implication for clinical practice.  232 patients with CTS and 182 controls completed a patient oriented questionnaire, were subjected to clinical testing for provocative tests for carpal tunnel syndrome, blood check for secondary causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve conduction testing as well ultrasonographic assessment of the carpal tunnel and median nerve. 

The results of this study revealed that Tinel's, Phalen's, Reverse Phalen's and carpal tunnel compression tests are more sensitive, as well as being specific tests for the diagnosis of tenosynovitis of the flexor muscles of the hand, rather than being specific tests for carpal tunnel syndrome and can be used as an indicator for medical management of the condition.

Joint Bone Spine, 2008, 75(4), 451-457

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