Multidimensional Outcome Assessment in Cerebral Palsy: Is It Feasible and Relevant?

Viehweger, Elke; Haumont, Thierry; de Lattre, Capucine; Presedo, Ana; Filipetti, Paul; Ilharreborde, Brice; Lebarbier, Pierre; Loundou, Anderson; Simeoni, Marie-Claude

This Level 1 study attempts to examine feasibility and relevance of a multidimensional outcome assessment approach using instrumented 3-dimensional gait analysis, via the Gillette Gait Index (GGI), and a set of validated functional and health-related quality of life tools in diplegic cerebral palsy children: the Gross Motor Classification System Dimensions D and E, the 10-level Gillette Functional Assessment Questionnaire, the Energy Expenditure Index (EEI), the GGI out of 3D gait analysis, and health-related quality of life, assessed by self or proxy with the questionnaire "Vecu et Sante Percu de l'Adolescent".

Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics. 28(5):576-583, 07-08/08.

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