Relative Therapeutic Efficacy of Some Vertebral Mobilization Techniques in the Management of Unilateral Cervical Spondylosis: A Comparative Study

Michael Ogbonnia Egwu

This study compared the relative efficacy of Posterior-Anterior Unilateral Pressure (PAUP), Anterior-Posterior Unilateral Pressure (APUP), Cervical Oscillatory Rotation (COR) and Transverse Oscillatory Pressure (TOP) techniques of manual therapy in the management of unilateral cervical spondylosis. Twenty-four male subjects in each of four groups received treatment 3 times per week for four weeks. Significantly less time was spent applying APUP  and PAUP than COR) and TOP with significantly more pain-free patients in APUP and PAUP groups than in COR and TOP groups. Relapse rates after 3 months were 8%  and 12% and these treatments had no effect on symptoms of 4% and 8% of patients, respectively.

APUP and PAUP achieve faster pain relief in more patients with unilateral cervical spondylosis than rotation and transverse pressure. Unilateral pressures should be preferred techniques of manual therapy for patients with unilateral neck pain and APUP promise a better outcome.

Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 2008, 20(2), 103-108

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