An evaluation of the clinical tests and outcome measures used to assess patellar instability

Toby O Smith, Leigh Davies, Marie-Luce O'Driscoll and Simon T. Donell

A literature review was undertaken to determine which clinical tests and outcome measures have been described to diagnose and evaluate patellar instability, and to assess the literature examining the sensitivity and specificity of these diagnostic tests, or the reliability, validity and responsiveness of the outcome measures identified. Eighteen diagnostic tests and 10 outcome measures were identified. Of these only five diagnostic tests and seven outcome measures had been assessed for accuracy in five studies.

The sensitivity, specificity, reliability or validity, of the identified tests for patellar instability remains unclear. Further work is needed to assess the appropriateness of the identified tests and outcomes for patellar instability cohorts.

The Knee, 2008, 15(4), 255-262

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