Clinometric properties of the six-minute walk test in individuals undergoing rehabilitation poststroke.

Fulk GD, Echternach JL, Nof L, O'Sullivan S

The purpose of this study was to determine the test-retest reliability and concurrent and construct validity of the 6MWT in patients who were actively undergoing inpatient rehabilitation poststroke. 37 patients underwent two 6MWT trials with 1-3 days between trials. The 6MWT exhibited high test-retest reliability and was strongly to moderately correlated with gait speed and Functional Independence Measure.

The 6MWT is a clinically useful measure of walking ability poststroke. It is reliable and is related to other measures of walking ability and function that are commonly used during rehabilitation after stroke.

Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 2008, 24(3), 195-204

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