The test-retest reliability and concurrent validity of the Subjective Complaints Questionnaire for low back pain.

Ford JJ, Story I, McMeeken J

In this study a self-administered Subjective Complaints Questionnaire for LBP (SCQ-LBP) measuring such information was developed. Test-retest reliability of the questionnaire in a self administered format as well as concurrent validity against a suitable reference standard was evaluated. The agreement between the self administered questionnaire compared to when administered by a physiotherapist was also tested as the latter method is the most common form of retrieving subjective complaints in clinical practice. Preliminary evidence was found supporting the concurrent validity of selected items. At least moderate agreement was demonstrated in 51 of the 57 items when comparing between the self administered and physiotherapist administered conditions.

The Subjective Complaints Questionnaire for LBP questionnaire is a useful tool for collecting subjective complaints information, particularly for clinical research on the classification of LBP, however, further research regarding validity is required.

Manual Therapy, May 20 2008, on-line article ahead of print

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