Effects of inpatient rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis patients with moderate disability

T. Vikman; P. Fielding; B. Lindmark; S. Fredrikson

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of 3 weeks of inpatient neuro-rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with moderate disability and to determine the clinical usefulness of different outcome measures. Rehabilitation consisted of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and consultation by speech therapist, social worker and psychologist. Improvements were seen in the health-related quality of life, in physical measures such as mobility and standing balance, walking speed and hand/arm dexterity.

In multiple sclerosis patients improvements were seen after 3 weeks of inpatient rehabilitation in motor functions, some aspects of HRQoL and disability.

Advances in Physiotherapy, 2008, 10(2), 58 – 65

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