Validity of the Ottawa rules for X-ray request in ankle and midfoot injuries in paediatric patients

Raúl Parrón Cambero, Félix Tomé Bermejo, Andrés Barriga Martín, Juan A. Herrera Molpeceres, Elisa Poveda and Samuel Pajares Cabanillas

The prospect of the study was to analyse the validity of the Ottawa rules for the X-ray request in A&E for ankle and midfoot injuries in paediatric patients. A total number of 190 patients were included in this study of which 29 were found to have a fracture. Assessment of the ankle and/or midfoot injuries was conducted  applying the Ottawa rules, followed by an X-ray every patient seen.

As a conclusion,the Ottawa rules can be considered as a valid instrument for the decision of X-ray request in patients under the age of 18 with ankle and/or midfoot injuries.

This can be of interest for physiotherapists dealing with young athletes and/or working in Private Practice to decide whether or not the patient has to be referred for X-Rays.

European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, 05/2008.

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