Sacroiliac joint fusion and the implications for manual therapy diagnosis and treatment.

Dar G, Khamis S, Peleg S, Masharawi Y, Steinberg N, Peled N, Latimer B, Hershkovitz I

The present paper examines gender differences and changes in prevalence of ankylosed sacroiliac joint (SIJ) with age. SIJs of 287 patients, aged 22-93 years, were examined for fusion, using 3-D CT images. Presence, side and location of the fusion along the joint borders were recorded. Fusion of the SIJ was found to be gender and age dependent; present in 27.7% of all males in contrast to only 3.0% in females. The phenomenon increased with age in the male population from 5.8% in the 20-39 age cohorts to 46.7% in the 80+ cohort.

As mobilization and/or manipulation of a dysfunctional SIJ are common procedures used by manual therapists, the effect that aging has on SIJ mobility requires therapists to alter or change their method with advancing age.

Manual Therapy, 2008, 13(2), 155-8

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