Open versus closed kinetic chain exercises for patellar chondromalacia.

Bakhtiary AH, Fatemi E

This study was designed to compare the effect of straight leg raise (SLR) and semi-squat exercises on the treatment of patellar chondromalacia. 32 participants with patellar chondromalacia were randomly assigned to either SLR or semi-squat exercise. Both groups then followed a 3-week programme of quadriceps muscle strengthening exercises starting with 20 exercises twice a day and increasing each session by 5 exercises every 2 days. Reduced Q angle and crepitation, and an increase in the MIVCF of the quadriceps and thigh circumference were found in semi-squat group compared with SLR group. However, patellofemoral pain was decreased significantly in both groups.

The results of this study indicate that semi-squat exercises (closed kinetic chain) are more effective than SLR exercise (open kinetic chain) in the treatment of patellar chondromalacia.

British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2008, 42(2), 99-102

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