Treatment Expectancy and Credibility Are Associated With the Outcome of Both Physical and Cognitive-behavioral Treatment in Chronic Low Back Pain.

Smeets, Rob J. E. M.; Beelen, Saskia; Goossens, Marielle E. J. B.; Schouten, Erik G. W.; Knottnerus, J. Andre; Vlaeyen, Johan W. S.

The objectives of this study were (1) to investigate the factor structure of the Credibility/Expectancy Questionnaire (CEQ) in a sample of chronic low back pain (CLBP) patients by means of a confirmatory factor analysis, (2) to examine the association between treatment credibility and expectancy and patient characteristics, and (3) to assess whether treatment expectancy and credibility are associated with the outcome of rehabilitation treatment.  CLBP patients were randomized to either active physical therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or a combination therapy, and completed the CEQ after a careful explanation of the treatment rationale.

Although the associations found were low to modest, these results underscore the importance of expectancy and credibility for the outcome of different active interventions for CLBP and might contribute to the development of more effective treatments.

Clinical Journal of Pain, 24(4), 305-315

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