Efficacy of prone ventilation in adult patients with acute respiratory failure: A meta-analysis

Tiruvoipati R., Bangash M., Manktelow B., Peek G.A.

This meta-analysis included studies for the period 1966 to July 2006 which were prospective randomized controlled trials, comparing prone position ventilation with supine ventilation, in managing adult patients with acute lung injury (ALI) or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation. Outcome measures included: primary mortality and secondary; changes in oxygenation, incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia, duration of mechanical ventilation, ICU and hospital stay, complications related to ET tube, intravascular catheters and pressure sores.

The pooled results showed that prone ventilation significantly improves oxygenation in patients with acute severe hypoxemic respiratory failure. Mortality, ICU stay, VAP, and ET tube complications were not significantly affected. A trend towards increased pressure sores exists.

Journal of Critical Care 2008; 23: 101 – 110

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