Hip strength and hip and knee kinematics during stair descent in females with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Bolgla LA, Malone TR, Umberger BR, Uhl TL

The objective of this study was to determine if females presenting with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) from no discernable cause other than overuse demonstrate hip weakness and increased hip internal rotation, hip adduction, and knee valgus during stair descent. Eighteen females diagnosed with PFPS and 18 matched controls participated. Strength measures were taken for the hip external rotators and hip abductors and hip and knee kinematics were collected as subjects completed a standardized stair-stepping task. Subjects with PFPS generated less hip external rotator and less hip abductor torque  but no between-group differences were found for average hip and knee transverse and frontal plane angles during stair descent.

Subjects with PFPS have hip weakness but do not demonstrate altered hip and knee kinematics on stair descent.

Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, 2008, 38(1), 12-8

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