Specific exercises in the treatment of scoliosis – differential indication.

Weiss HR, Maier-Hennes A

Different methods of physiotherapy are applied in scoliosis management and different opinions exist about the efficacy of conservative scoliosis treatment. Because this divergence of opinions corresponds to a great variety of standards applied, it is not surprising that also the results of conservative treatment greatly differ. Scoliosis normally does not have such dramatic effects that immediate surgery would be indicated. Moreover it is clear that functional and physiological impairments of scoliosis patients-including pain, torso deformity, psychological disturbance and pulmonary dysfunction-require therapeutic intervention.The triad of out-patient physiotherapy, intensive in-patient rehabilitation (SIR) and bracing has proven effective in conservative scoliosis treatment in central Europe. Indication, content and results of physiotherapy are described and discussed in this paper. The differential indication of methods of physiotherapy assigned to current "Best Practice" is documented here as well.The positive outcome of current "Best Practice" conservative management validates a policy of offering conservative treatment as an alternative to scoliosis patients, including those for whom surgery is discussed.

Studies in Health Technology and Informatic, 2008, 135, 173-90

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