The talk test as a Marker of Exercise Training Intensity

Foster C., Porcari J.P., Anderson J., Paulson M., Smaczny D., Webber H., Doberstein S.T, Undermann B

A group of healthy young adults participated in four independent series of experiments designed to decrease (via blood donation) or increase (via training) ventilatory threshold (VT), or to systematically vary the exercise intensity above and below VT, and then match these to responses of the talk test (TT). A strong relationship between VT and the TT was found during the various interventions, suggesting that the TT is a suitable, easy, cost effective way to prescribe exercise.

Given that the VT has been shown to be related to the onset of ischaemia in patients with cardiovascular disease, and that the TT is strongly related to the VT, this study provides useful information for clinical practice.

Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention 2008; 28: 24 – 30

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