Effects of functional exercise training on performance and muscle strength after meniscectomy: a randomized trial

Y. B. Ericsson, L. E. Dahlberg, E. M. Roos

The purpose of this randomized controlled trial was to examine the effect of functional exercise training on functional performance and isokinetic thigh muscle strength in middle-aged patients subsequent to meniscectomy for a degenerative tear. Four years after meniscectomy, 45 patients were randomized to functional exercise training, supervised by a physical therapist, three times weekly for 4 months or to no intervention. The exercise program comprised of postural stability training and functional strength and endurance exercises for leg and trunk muscles. Outcomes were three functional performance tests and isokinetic muscle strength.  Compared with control patients, the exercise group showed significant improvement in one-leg hop, hamstrings strength, and quadriceps endurance.

Functional exercise training is well tolerated and improved functional performance and thigh muscle strength in this group of middle-aged subjects with a previous degenerative meniscal injury and partial meniscectomy.

Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 21 Jan 2008, online article ahead of press

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