Results of conservative non-pharmacological therapy in female patients with urinary incontinence

Krhut J, Holanová R, Muronová I, Gärtner M

This study assesses both subjective and objective results of the conservative non-pharmacological therapy and its effect to the quality of life in the set of female patients with urinary incontinence of all types. 69 female patients suffering from urinary incontinence were treated in a complex way in accordance with principles of the so-called "Ostrava concept" of the conservative non-pharmacological therapy. Subjective results were evaluated before the therapy started and 6 months after using the visual-analog scale (VAS) while objective results were evaluated by the perineometric measurement of the pelvic floor.

Based on results obtained the conservative non-pharmacological therapy is an efficient treatment method in case of the incontinence. Due to its non-invasive character and the absence of adverse effects it should be considered to be the first choice treatment in case of female patient with urinary incontinence.

Ceska Gynekologic, 2007, 72(6), 406-9

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