Physiotherapy for urinary incontinence.

Neumann P, Morrison S

This article discusses the role of a physiotherapy program in treating women with urinary incontinence.  Treatment usually involves five consultations with a pelvic floor physiotherapist over 4-6 months. After an assessment of bladder function and the pelvic floor muscles, an individualised training program is prescribed. The focus of pelvic floor muscle training is to build strength, endurance, speed and the coordination of the pelvic floor muscles in different situations. An effective program has been shown to increase contractile strength as well as increased resting tone of the pelvic floor, which then provides improved support of the pelvic organs higher in the pelvis. Women may be offered an annual review by their physiotherapist in order to promote long term continence.

Australian Family Physician, 2008, 37(3), 118-121

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