The initial effects of a Mulligan’s mobilization with movement technique on range of movement and pressure pain threshold in pain-limited shoulders

Pamela Teys, Leanne Bisset and Bill Vicenzino

The objective of this study was to investigate the initial effects of a Mulligan's mobilization with movement (MWM) technique on shoulder ROM and PPT in participants with anterior shoulder pain. A repeated measures, double-blind randomized-controlled trial with a crossover design was conducted with 24 subjects. ROM and PPT were measured before and after the application of MWM, sham and control conditions. Significant and clinically meaningful improvements in both ROM and PPT occurred immediately after post treatment. The results indicate that this specific manual therapy treatment has an immediate positive effect on both ROM and pain in subjects with painful limitation of shoulder movement.

Although this study has demonstrated that MWM is an effective technique for increasing ROM and reducing pain in painfully limited shoulders further study is needed to evaluate the duration of such effects and the mechanism by which this occurs before providing a solid evidence for its use as a treatment technique in this condition.

Manual Therapy, 2008, 13 (1), 37-42

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