Inter-examiner reliability of four static palpation tests used for assessing pelvic dysfunction

Ulrika Holmgren and Kerstin Waling

The aim of this study was to test the inter-examiner reliability of static palpation of the transverse processes of L5 (L5), sacral sulci (SS), inferior lateral angles of the sacrum (ILA), and the medial malleoli (MM) in a clinical setting. Twenty-five participants, aged 18–78 years, with low back pain and/or sacroiliac pain with or without radiating pain to the knee, were independently examined by two experienced physiotherapists. The results demonstrated low inter-examiner reliability and the authors suggest that differences in palpation technique seem to be the most likely source this.

For clinical practice, continued use of these tests as methods for detecting asymmetry and selecting interventions, such as in MET techniques, is of doubtful utility.

Manual Therapy, 2008, 13(1), 50-56

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