The reliability of musculoskeletal screening tests used in cricket

Rebecca J.Dennis, Caroline F. Finch, Bruce C. Elliott and Patrick J. Farhart

The purpose of this study was to determine the inter- and intra-observer reliability of a field-based musculoskeletal screening protocol used to measure potential injury risk factors in cricket fast bowlers.  Ten participants completed the following tests: knee extension; modified Thomas test (hip extension and abduction); hip internal and external rotation; combined elevation; ankle dorsiflexion lunge; bridging hold; prone four point hold; and calf heel raises. For each of the tests, the participants were tested by each physiotherapist twice, and the inter- and intra-observer reliability were concurrently assessed.  The inter-observer reliability of the tests was generally poor, with only four of the ten tests showing good reliability but the intra-observer reliability of the tests was considerably higher, with nine tests demonstrating reliability.

With the exception of the bridging hold, all tests would be considered acceptable where only one observer was conducting the testing. However, only the ankle dorsiflexion lunge, combined elevation test, calf heel raise test and prone four point hold have acceptable reliability when there are multiple physiotherapists recording measurements.

Physical Therapy in Sport, 2008, 9(1), 25-33

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