Evidence-based assessment and diagnosis of pelvic girdle disorders: a proposal for an alternate diagnostic category

Hazle, Charles R.; Nitz, Arthur J.

Musculoskeletal syndromes of the pelvic girdle have long been the source of considerable controversy among clinicians and researchers. Widely varying approaches to caring for patients with presumed sacroiliac joint pain have contributed to the complexity of delivering optimal care to patients presenting with low back pain. Evidence is accumulating to suggest the need to challenge many long held beliefs concerning best practices in examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with suspected sacroiliac joint involvement. A review of the literature reveals evidence for a logical examination scheme and the need to reconsider often accepted diagnostic criteria. Similarly, clinical syndromes, based on those examination and diagnosis conventions, require reassessment.

This article presents an alternate pathomechanical diagnostic category is presented for consideration consistent with findings of joint anatomy, biomechanics, and clinical findings.

Physical Therapy Reviews, 2008, 13(1), 25-36

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