Functional Electrical Stimulation to the Dorsiflexors and Quadriceps in Children with Cerebral Palsy.

Van der Linden, M.L., Hazlewood, E.M., Hillman S.J., Robb, J.E.

The purpose of the study was to look at the properties of functional electrical stimulation to the ankle dorsiflexors and quadriceps in children with cerebral palsy (CP). Fourteen children were randomly allocated to a treatment or control group, receiving two weeks of FES and then 8 weeks of FES at home and school. The control group continued with their usual physiotherapy programme. The children were assessed at baseline, before and after the treatment period and both groups were fitted with FES for gait analysis at second and final assessment.

In both groups FES of the ankle dorsiflexors resulted in a significant effect on gait kinematics but no long term effect was found for FES post 8 week treatment. The authors suggest that FES in addition to a well supported programme can improve gait kinematics.

Pediatric Physical Therapy 2008 20(1):23-29

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