Assessing the impact of pulmonary rehabilitation on functional status in COPD

Laviolette L, Bourbeau J, Bernard S, Lacasse Y, Pepin V, Breton MJ, Baltzan M, Rouleau M, Maltais F

This study aimed to evaluate the changes in the 6 minute walking test (6MWT) and the constant work rate cycle endurance test (CWRCET) immediately after and one year after pulmonary rehabilitation (PR). Health status was also monitored through use of the St. Geroges Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ). Patients with an FEV1 of 45% predicted were recruited from a cohort study and assessed at baseline, immediately after and 1 year after PR.

Following PR, CWRCET scores increased and remained above baseline 1 year later. Improvements were noted in the 6MWT but after 1 year, values had returned to baseline. Clinically meaningful improvements were also noted in the SGRQ. Improvements in health status were evident both immediately after and 1 year after PR.

Thorax, 2008, 63, 115-121

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